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About us

Hello and welcome to

Here you may find information about the latest, most sophisticated, world record breaking aircraft, systems, weaponry, and extraordinary events/achievements.

We will also supply movie clips, games (the activity varies from playing and experimenting to learning the secrets of many games by watching playbacks), paper airplanes folding, aviation physics explanations, forums and answer to many of your (aviation related) questions

This site is built in a way it will fit both aviation fans and people who want to know only the most interesting facts.

The articles are written straight and to the point, while the first paragraph gives away only the summary and the basics, and the rest of the article details and lets you know more about the subject.

We want the information on this website to be as accurate as possible, so, if you find anything you think is wrong (even spelling mistakes or if you have something to add/change) please contact and tell us about it.

The website is currently only at the beginning, and with time it will be updated with more features, improvements, more information, and more data verifications.

We will be happy to receive your feedback, if you want to contact us please use the following e-mail address: (website's developer and main publisher) (website's Content writer and main forum manager) You can also contact us at our forum.